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Zion’s Braiding School has been locally owned and operated since 2018. Our faculty has years of experience as stylists, salon owners, and instructors. We understand the obstacles and are committed to providing the highest quality training for your new braiding career.

You can count on Zion’s braiding school to provide a quality education that meets and exceeds the industry standards. Our goal is to teach you how to braid neatly and correctly. You’ll learn the basics Of braiding, the trending braid styles, and how to start and run your braiding business.

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What Our Clients Say About Us


If I can learn to cornrow ,anyone can. The instructor is so patient , so calm and reassuring to even a person like me who has anxiety. I did not know how to do a cornrow. I have a daughter. I am a business owner for my profession (nothing to do with hair at all!) I needed to learn how to do her hair as people don't really want to do a small babies hair (she is almost 2). I flew in from out of town and it was worth it. It was nothing but positive vibes. If you want to learn and are willing to learn she will teach. She is passionate about this. It was an unforgettable experience and I will be back. I loved it there! Thank you and see you soon!

Myesha P.

Our Founder

Dela Has 19 years  plus years of braiding. It all started in houston, tx when she first opened her first salon at the age of  22 years old. The salons started growing and she decided to expand to Dallas, TX in 2015. Because of the high demand of multiple people wanting to learn how the braid, Dela started the braiding school in 2018. It has been a success ever since! The braiding school has taught over 300 men and women in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.  Dela's goal is to reach as many people who desire to learn about hair and braids teach them the in and outs of the industry so they can succed! 

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